Countdown to Spring: 2 things NOT to do over spring break

Countdown to Spring: 2 things NOT to do over spring break

by: Shereece Spain | .
Stripes Europe | .
published: March 18, 2018

If you already have your epic vacation booked, you know what you are going to do. However, here are two key things not to do to keep awesome from turning into awful.

Don’t …

… Tell everyone where you’re going until you get back.

I know you’re excited to go on this amazing vacation – even if it means you’re staying close to home to check out local attractions. Though it is tempting to blast it on social media along with pictures of your escapades as they happen, operational security (OPSEC) and personal security (PERSEC) should be of the utmost importance. They are not to be taken lightly. By doing so, you could be inadvertently sharing information with the “bad guys.” Once you’re back home, hop on Instagram, Facebook – you name it – to share your travels.

… Over plan.

If this is your first tour in Europe, you probably have a laundry list of places to see and things to do. Don’t be embarrassed. I have one too! Keep in mind you are here for more than this one week. When you decide where you’re going, make a list of all the things to see and do. Then prioritize. Choose one or two items per day, working from the top down. If you find yourself with time for more, then keep going. Scheduling too much could leave you exhausted and with little time to truly enjoy anything.

I do not want to ruin your good time. I, too, get so excited about everything we are doing or going to do. However, these two things will help keep you safe and rested.

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