The bucket list, part 6

The bucket list, part 6

by: Genevieve Northup | .
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published: March 23, 2016

Europe – an ancient continent marked by natural wonders and survived by strong people whose cultures are built to last. Need a boost to get off the sofa and see what is waiting for you?  Here is your incomplete, starter bucket list to inspire you to make your own. Or, use ours and do them all, one number at a time.

1.   Be amazed by Albert Kahn’s “Archives of the Planet” photography collection in Paris.

2.   Have a gourmet meal in the sky above Brussels.

3.   Explore Malta’s ancient megalithic ruins.

4.   Take your motorcycle for a joy ride on the curves of the Transalpina route in Romania.

5.   Relax in Bath, England’s therapeutic waters.

6.   Celebrate the arts during Edinburgh’s International Festival and outlandish Fringe Festival.

7.   Grasp the consequences of the Holocaust at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

8.   Scarf down Rome’s snack of suppli.

9.   Meander through Poland’s Crooked Forest.

10. Crowd surf at Vienna’s Danube Island Festival, a music fest boasting 20+ stages and 2,000 performers.

11.  Wine and dine at the harbor in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

12. Understand how nature influences art at Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France.

13. Observe Mt. Stromboli’s ongoing volcanic eruption.

14. Photograph the blue-tiled mosaics of Porto, Portugal.

15. Book a journey on the Swiss Chocolate Train.

16. Cruise Iceland’s Golden Circle.

17. Stare at the Egyptian mummies in London’s British Museum.

18. Learn to dance the ceilidh in Scotland.

19. Harness up to climb the via ferratas of the Italian Dolomites.

20. Order from the giant cheese dome at Strasbourg’s La Cloche à Fromage.

21. Be awestruck by the limestone formations of Pamukkale, Turkey.

22. Sail by Norway’s Geirangerfjord and Ørnesvingen.

23. Find out how Parma ham is made in its namesake Italian city.

24. Regard the opulence of Château Chenonceau.

25. Pick up eye-catching glass souvenirs in Murano.

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