6 unique places to stay in Germany

6 unique places to stay in Germany

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published: January 30, 2017

While traditional lodging may work for some, many hotels are getting imaginative with the type of experience they bring to their guests. When you’re ready to break out of the doldrums of the ordinary, here are six one-of-a-kind options for your travels throughout Germany.

Eastern Comfort, Berlin

Gently bobbing on the shore of the Spree River is Berlin’s only hostel on water. The Eastern Comfort is docked in between the Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain districts. You will find contemporary bars, clubs and swanky galleries within a few minutes’ walk. Also, the longest remaining part of the Berlin wall, the East Side Gallery, is approximately 20 yards away.

They offer accommodations on two adjacents ships: Eastern Comfort and Western Comfort. Cabins with private bathrooms begin at 19 euros per night on the Eastern Comfort. The Western Comfort offers private cabins starting at 44 euros per night; however, they only offer community shower facilities.

Lotsenturm Usedom, Karnin

On the coast of the picturesque Baltic Sea sits an almost 70-year-old lighthouse with a stylish, sleek interior designed for luxury and relaxation. At 290 euros per night (not including New Year’s Eve), you will have the entire tower to yourself. It includes a jacuzzi tub, stunning views of the sea and breakfast brought to you each morning. Dogs and children under 15, for safety reasons, are not permitted.

Ostel, Berlin

Picture it … East Germany, 1978 … Yes, that is exactly how this funky hostel is decorated. The wallpaper, radios, table lamps and everything in between has a characteristically 1970’s vibe. Even though the décor is retro chic, the amenities are not — including Wi-Fi and business traveler services. Starting at 30 euros per night, guests can experience a time warp into Germany’s past.

Iglu-Dorf, Zugspitze

Atop Germany’s highest mountain with a view of four countries sits this chilly, breathtaking hotel. Guest accommodations are actual igloos. There are packages for you to build your own igloo, which you will utilize during your stay, with the assistance of a professional. They are only open from late-December to early April. Rates for pre-built igloos start at 119 euros.

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart

This hotel is designed with the car enthusiast in mind. Each room has its own theme, to include beds fashioned out of classic cars. Rooms range from 139 euros per night to the Mercedes Suite for 650 euros per night. The hotel also offers “Experience” packages for various local tours for an additional charge.

Alcatraz Hotel, Kaiserslautern

This hotel is a far cry from the accommodations in “Orange is the New Black.” However, the design and style embody a classic, but modern prison setting with its cell block rooms and prison bars. Not all the rooms have stereotypical sterile cinderblock walls and thin, cot-like beds. Room rates start at 39 euros per day and include a continental breakfast. Who knew luxury and prison could go together?

There is a theme for a variety of preferences and budgets. Consider adding some spice to your next overnight trip with distinctive accommodations.

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