24 hours in Grindelwald

by Elizabeth Jones
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Switzerland, the land of picturesque villages, outdoor adventures and various forms of tasty cheese is a must-visit for many people. Whether you’re on an epic road trip or an express bus tour going through the country, it would be a shame to miss the scenic village of Grindelwald!

What to do 

Travel to the top! Spend most of your time on Grindelwald’s First, a small summit on the slopes of the Schwarzhorn, a mountain part of the Bernese Alps. Start from the town of Grindelwald and reach the top of the summit via cable car for 60  francs per adult and 30 francs per child for a round trip ticket. From there, there’s an abundance of activities for everyone to enjoy. However, with only 24 hours to spend a top this summit, choose from this definitive list of great activities in Grindelwald:

Hike to Lake Bachalpsee

The iconic Lake Bachalpsee is a less than one hour hike from the cable car station atop the summit. Follow the signs towards Bachalpsee to reach this secluded natural masterpiece. Once there, snap photos of the picturesque lake and bask in the nature surrounding you.


First Cliff Walk

The famous lookout platform protrudes 45 meters from the First summit, giving travelers a breathtaking view full of the beautiful alpine forest and sparkling waterfall below them. Although the attraction is free,  there is a small price to pay for basking in these views. Travelers must walk on a bridge placed along the cliff side of the summit, making it a heart-racing experience as you climb further and further up.


First Flyer

Soar through the clouds on Grindelwald First Flyer, the exhilarating zip line that launches you 800 meters downhill at 85 kilometers per hour. Don’t worry, the adrenaline rush will kick in after the initial launch and it’s hard to beat the mesmerizing views you’ll encounter on the way down. Riders are safely harnessed, so even those afraid of heights should give it a try! Tickets are 29 francs per adult and 22 francs per child up to 15-years-old.

First Mountain Cart

What do you get when you combine a sled and go-kart? A mountain cart! Zip down the mountain for a thrilling experience. The First Mountain Cart attraction is suitable for children up to a little over 4-feet tall. One mountain cart rental is 15 Swiss francs.

Toboggan Run

If you have the time, head back down from the First summit and head towards the Pfingstegg station to hop on a chairlift to reach the start of a toboggan run! If you don’t know what a toboggan is, it’s similar to the concept of a sled and the run it’s on is easily compared to a slide. This particular toboggan run is 736 meters long and has you riding down  58 meters the mountain at speeds of 40 kilometers. The run goes in a loop meaning you can ride it as many times as you want for 5.50 francs per adult and 3.50 francs per child for each ride.

Must-try foods

During your  24 hours in Grindelwald, you’re bound to get hungry. Sink your teeth in these amazing traditional delicacies:

Swiss fondue is popular all over the world but it would be satisfying to say you’ve indulged in it while in Switzerland — the obvious home to Swiss fondue.

Try this delicacy at:
Barry’s Restaurant (reservation is smart)
Bistro Memory

Raclette is melted cheese that is fashioned into a wheel weighing about six kilograms. Its popularity comes from its creamy taste and unique eating experience. A side of the cheese wheel is melted and scraped off onto a dish either as a topping or dip for potatoes, meats or anything really!

Satisfy your taste buds with raclette here:
Barry’s Restaurant (same place as mentioned above for a double fix of raclette and fondue)
Restaurant Gund Grindelwald

Know before you go:
-Driving to Switzerland: Purchase a vignette.
-Currency: Swiss francs (CHF). Euros may be accepted at various places.
-ATMS: Train station and any bank.
-Perfect souvenir: Swiss knife, swiss watches, cowbell trinkets.
-For planning and full prices check the official Jungfrau Top of Europe website.

This 24-hour guide will show you the best of Grindelwald in a time crunch. With its unbelievable landscapes and epic, outdoor adventures — Grindelwald is a place so nice you’ll likely visit twice! 

Check back tomorrow for the last day of our Countdown to Summer series!

Today's article is sponsored by:


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