Think German foods all pork knuckle and potatoes? Think again! Germany’s food and drink is widely varied and fiercely regional, and the city of Mainz is incredibly proud of its own culinary traditions.
Imagine a personalized wellness plan just for you, lasting an entire week. Don’t have that kind of time? Three days will certainly work as well.
Ah, that delicious duo, wine and cheese — both take time to produce with a fermentation and aging process, and they pair perfectly. They’ve also been around for like, forever; evidence of their existence has been found as far back as 7000-6000 BC in Asia and Europe.
On the northwest coast of Portugal, along the banks of the Douro River, sits historic Porto. Dating back to the 4th century, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site city center.
The event which enjoys an almost cult status among the KMC is back for another round! The Rotweinwanderung is a hike through barren, wintry vineyards, punctuated with many stops for a warming mulled wine or tasty varietals from the immediate area.
With the holiday season in full swing, festive melodies and delicious scents waft through the crisp, cold air. Living overseas during the holidays affords a great opportunity to find one-of-a kind gifts and trinkets to send to loved ones back in the States.
Wine has made up part of European culture since time immemorial, and vineyards are a defining feature of some of the continent’s most breathtaking landscapes.
Get some exercise, make friends, and learn about Germany’s wine growing industry — all while sampling some of the finest regional wines and culinary delights along the way.
Ivy-covered buildings with charming green shutters…a beautiful barchessa with 20-foot arches…a smattering of colossal linden trees…
These are a few of the first impressions that await you upon entering the walled estate of Vistorta in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.
Usually people tour a city by day and party by night when they’re traveling. If you’ve ever wanted to combine the two, look no further. Pedibus is a bike bar tour company that allows you to party and pedal your way through one of the world’s greatest cities - London.
Rohrbacher Weinfest 2018June 8-11, Rohrbach
All around Germany, it’s that time of year when colorful advertisements bearing the words “Tanz in den Mai” appear on city fences, utility poles and Facebook feeds. Dance into May? What can that be all about?
Ah, Saturdays. A day for sleeping in. Unless, of course, there’s something to get up for. Wiesbaden and Mainz residents can be convinced to shed their PJs for outerwear and head out their doors to troll for bargains at flea markets and meet up with friends for brunch at farmer’s markets.
Shoppers will have a little extra spring in their step at the USAG Rheinland-Pfalz Spring Bazaar from Friday, March 9 through Sunday, March 11 at Kleber Kaserne. Take advantage of this three-day event to find the perfect European souvenir or gift for loved ones.
Anyone who has dabbled with handicraft can understand that the art of making things by hand, especially something beautiful and functional, is therapeutic, calming, and can evoke a powerful, even spiritual satisfaction.