The best way to get adjusted to life in the U.K. is to immerse in the new culture early on. If you’re afraid to tackle it alone, ask a friend or coworker who has been living here awhile to show you the ropes.
Aside from the iconic sites in Europe, an area many jet off to when they have been bitten by the travel bug is the Balkans. With a landscape and a culture that differs from western Europe, it’s easy to see why. Below are 6 reasons why everyone should put the Balkans on their travel list.
Training, dedication and willpower — a few of the many attributes you need to prepare for a half or full marathon.
Eating healthy and being physically active can be a fun part of parties and events. Great gatherings are easy to do when tasty, healthy foods from all the food groups are offered in a fun, active environment. Above all, focus on enjoying friends and family.
One of the greatest parts about living in Germany during the summer is enjoying all of the local seasonal produce. You can buy them in stores, of course, but for agricultural products at the peak of freshness, it’s well worth it to check out farms or even your own garden.
As a child, I watched brides pose for portraits among my mom’s award-winning roses and picked green beans from my dad’s bountiful vegetable garden. My brother started planting trees at age four and now preserves forests for a living.
Our food-loving readers and staff have shared mouthwatering photos of their favorite culinary creations and some of their best meals around Europe. Add these must-eat places to your next itinerary!