The wrapping paper is strewn around the house, you’ve had one too many helpings of pumpkin pie, and you’re afraid to go to the mailbox and get January’s credit card statements.
Every evening, my boys look forward to opening the next door on their Advent calendar to retrieve the sweet treats hidden inside.
The holidays are a time to celebrate, give thanks, and reflect. They are also a time to pay special attention to your health.
Below are some tips provided by members of the U.S. military community who are experienced European travelers:
Before you go:
When you first move to Germany, you are completely overwhelmed with the new place, new culture and new language. It’s a bit intimidating to say the least.
Moving, especially overseas, can present a unique set of challenges for those who identify as introverts. Introverts are often seen as shy wallflowers.
I was a really good student back in the day. I got good grades, and didn’t struggle ...
Near the end of my junior year of high school, I received news that shook my 17-year-old world.
One of the most challenging tasks of parenting is buying supplies and clothing for your children before they start back to school.
Congratulations, you survived your move to Europe! While there are amazing and fantastic places to see, living overseas comes with a caveat, the inevitable houseguests.
Explore your campus and get to know your area.
The days are getting longer, the trees will soon burst with buds and birds will sing among them.
Adjusting to a move abroad can be hard for families, especially spouses. Often spouses leave respected careers, business networks and emotional support of family and friends.
As a Human Resources major for both my unde
I can remember my first permanent change of station (PCS) vividly.
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