Upon hearing the phrase D-Day, most would have no problem in associating this with the Allied invasion of Normandy on the northern coast of France carried out on June 6, 1944. The Invasion of Normandy is the term which refers to the operation as it stretched on into the summer months.
In the early, pre-dawn hours of darkness Tuesday, June 6, 1944, more than 130,000 Allied troops made their way across the frigid waters of the English Channel and through clouded skies from southern England to the cliffs and dunes of Normandy in northern France.
Something that I really look forward to each year is Spring Break. Every year my parents usually decide where we go and so far their plans have been fun. However, this year I’m planning to propose my destination wish list to them. My plans consist of really epic ideas to spend our week.
Situated in the vineyard-dotted slopes of France’s Bordeaux region, a luscious city of wine awaits. Part museum, part wine-tasting, France’s La Cité du Vin is a wine metropolis for oenophiles.
SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE — "The major battle in France is joined," it was declared here today as Allied liberation troops fought inland from captured Bayeux on the Cherbourg peninsula in France, five miles from the coast.
Growing up, spring break in Texas meant a family trip to the Gulf Coast. I can still smell the sunscreen (and aloe vera gel for the inevitable sunburns) and taste the sea salt when I close my eyes.
A visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower tops the itinerary of many who come to Paris. While you can see the tall tower from miles around, you may not know that you can climb up into the latticework and see it from up close.
Training, dedication and willpower — a few of the many attributes you need to prepare for a half or full marathon.
Paris, the City of Lights, is an extraordinary city. Now it finds itself in an extraordinary situation.
What can I say about The Louvre Museum to convince you to go? Perhaps the fact that it’s world’s largest art museum will tickle your fancy.
If you’re planning on visiting Paris this weekend, you might experience a few travel delays. Gare de Lyon, one of the city's main arteries for train travel, will close midnight March 17 and reopen midnight March 19.
Colorful costumes, masked balls and elaborate parades are all part of Fasching festivities. Commonly known as Mardi Gras in the States, Fasching celebrates the few remaining days before the solemn season of Lent.
Europe celebrates and ushers in the New Year with gusto. Elaborate parties and dazzling fireworks displays illuminate iconic landmarks in cities such as London, Paris and Berlin.
Two international football championships are happening simultaneously. In addition to Euro 2016, another football championship has been taking shape across the globe. The Copa América Centenario began on June 3 and will have its final match on June 26.
Face paint, flags, scarves and fiercely loyal followers. This could easily describe any American football fan. In Germany, European football (also known as soccer) is the premier sport to watch. The UEFA European Championship, or Euro 2016, began last week in France.
FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (AFNS) -- Fear. In one word, Bob Behr used fear to describe how he and most of the Jewish community in Germany lived their lives from 1933 until the mid-1940s.