One of the most challenging tasks of parenting is buying supplies and clothing for your children before they start back to school. Every other parent is doing the same thing during those final weeks of summer, making it difficult to find what you need.
Deployments are never easy, no matter if it is your first, or if you and your spouse have weathered a few assignments together.
Finding out you’re going to be a parent can be both exciting and stressful. But preparation makes for a smoother transition. To help, Lindsay Pinchuk, mother of two, and founder and CEO of Bump Club and Beyond, a “mommy hub,” is offering 15 mental and logistical preparation tips:
Dear Recent High School Graduates:
You’ve no doubt been receiving round after round of congratulations, so let me add mine. Congratulations! You did it! And now you’ve got the summer to chill out and . . .
Active parents are an inspiration to their children. Your patient little baby or toddler is always watching whether you realize it or not. It is a bittersweet moment when your child tries to join you or asks how to do a pushup.

Why is resilience a critical quality to develop in your child? Because a resilient child will become a happy adult. Resiliency is the ability to rise above adversity. Overcoming the challenges with which the world inevitably blocks our way.
If your family bonding time is spent within an alien-like glow (from the TVs and computer screens in front of your faces), and only your thumbs do the talking, it’s time to revamp your routine. Time spent apart during deployments means even less time together.
What can you do before your children walk out the door to help them feel they can conquer anything?
Feed their mind, body and soul each and every morning. By making a few simple changes before the bus arrives, you can have a big impact on how your children handle events at school.
Moving overseas is a big transition. The decision to homeschool can ease the adjustment, create a bonding environment and offer educational experiences unrivaled by classrooms and textbooks.
Revolution of home education
Army Community Services (ACS) offers classes to help strengthen Rheinland-Pfalz families. 
Sembach Chill Skills for Teens