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Lives of service members and their families are overwhelming at times. That's why free confidential counseling services are available to help you cope in a healthy way.
There are a plethora of PCS (Permanent Change of Station) advice articles out there, but after reading some of the cringe-worthy moving experiences shared by fell
You moved last year, last month, last week. As directed, you handed over those official and/or unofficial school transcripts, letters from past teachers, and test results. You met the teacher, the principal, and a few other parents.
As of Jan. 22, Priceline has launched a leisure travel website called American Forces Travel.
“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy,” croons Ella Fitzgerald.
Don’t let the go-go-go-grinch steal your holiday health. It’s time to reclaim your health through the holiday season by putting your health before the 
If you experience a medical emergency while you are stationed in England, help can be found nearby, either on base or off. The main medical facility for servicemembers in England is the 48th Medical Group at RAF Lakenheath.
Moving to Europe was only the beginning of our adventure when my husband and I arrived. Transferring from our last base to a new unit and country was also challenge. We were embracing civilian life for the first time after his transition out of the army.
Homeschooling may appeal to some military families who are concerned that frequent moves and new school systems might disrupt their children's education.
To obtain a motorcycle endorsement on a USAREUR, SETAF, SHAPE or USAFE-issued license, military personnel, dependents and civilians must be at least 18, have a motorcycle endorsement on their valid license issued by a U.S.
U.S. military, DOD civilians ID cardholders and their dependents stationed or TDY in Germany may purchase tax-free fuel at Esso stations through a fuel card program sponsored by AAFES. 
It is PCS season. Many of our neighbors have gone back home, and we see new ones coming in. Some feel homesick, while others probably do not know what to do with everything they need to unpack and arrange. Others, even with all of these things happening, still feel bored.
Just because you are moving overseas for your spouse's career does not mean you have to give up your dreams of working or pursuing higher education.  There are plenty of resources in England to help you take the next step forward.
For many military families, an overseas duty station assignment means having to make the incredibly difficult decision of whether or not it is going to be possible to bring the family pet along.
Whether you are on base or off, the UK boasts a variety of restaurant and shopping venues you will want to check out.