Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye, the list goes on of the must-see historic treasures of London, England. While the flashy settings you’ve seen in movies are truly incredible, take time to step onto the quieter streets to discover some of my favorite hidden London gems.
Something that I really look forward to each year is Spring Break. Every year my parents usually decide where we go and so far their plans have been fun. However, this year I’m planning to propose my destination wish list to them. My plans consist of really epic ideas to spend our week.
Juan Pujol Garcia, code-named "Garbo," is considered one of the heroes of D-Day. But he didn't land on the beaches of Normandy in 1944 nor fight on the front lines of World War II.
NEW YORK — A flood of copy from correspondents who actually went into France with the invasion forces hit American newspapers Thursday giving a detailed picture and the price the Allies paid in cracking it.
Three words — which didn't mention "invasion," "Second Front," "landing in Europe" or "beachhead" — revealed in London at 8 AM Tuesday the first news of the invasion of Western Europe by Allied forces.
The most obvious means of enjoying a beach is as a place to swim and sunbathe, but alongside some of northern Europe's most compelling shorelines, the whims of the weather call for wellies and rain macs more often than swimsuits and flip-flops.
Think German foods all pork knuckle and potatoes? Think again! Germany’s food and drink is widely varied and fiercely regional, and the city of Mainz is incredibly proud of its own culinary traditions.
Though Europe is the perfect location to knock off some bucket-list worthy adventures with your girlfriends or
Dedicated to human history, arts and culture, The British Museum is home to over eight million works of art and is the first national public museum in the world.
Aside from a man’s best friend — the dog, friends are important to have. The adventurous, funny and perhaps embarrassing moments will make for great stories down the road. Though it’s nice to explore Europe with your significant other, sometimes a guy’s trip is all you need.
Being stationed in the United Kingdom, I always seem to find myself looking to vacation elsewhere. With cheap flights to mainland Europe on the rise, staying home may not be your first choice for a break. However, who says you need to jet off to Europe for an escape?
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Do you love gin? Do you love to run? Why not combine the two? It seems straight out of the Hash House Harriers, an international drinking group with a bit of a running problem, but it’s not. A group in London is doing a Secret Gin Run on a handful of dates this upcoming spring.
Heading to London soon? Check out the Lumiere London, Jan. 18-21. In it’s second year, 40 artists transform London’s architecture and streets into this exquisite light festival for four days. It is free to visit and takes place north and south of the River Thames.
Although the first day of winter isn’t officially until Dec. 21, the first snowfalls have already dusted both real worlds and fictional ones, like Hogwarts in London.
The world of Harry Potter would be magical any time of the year – but it truly sparkles for the Christmas Yule Ball.
On April 21, 2016 – the world lost one of its greatest music stars – Prince Rogers Nelson.