There are two major reasons to head to Florence in December. One, it’s the off-season for tourism so everything is much cheaper. Two, visiting the Florence Christmas market. It’s a perfect mix of German tradition and Italian romance.
Why Florence
Europe’s time and battle-worn fortresses are symbols of history, beauty, chivalry and charm that allure tourists from all around the world. In Deutschland, alone, there are more than 20,000 castles — many serving as monuments, hotels and museums — that you can visit today.
For years, Sharon Schell tried to get her father to talk about his experiences in World War II, but he kept them to himself.
Upon hearing the phrase D-Day, most would have no problem in associating this with the Allied invasion of Normandy on the northern coast of France carried out on June 6, 1944. The Invasion of Normandy is the term which refers to the operation as it stretched on into the summer months.
It’s not easy to pin down just one location for a must-visit in winter. After all, between the traditional Christmas markets in Germany, Santa’s legendary home in Finland, Victorian Christmas celebration in the U.K. and beautiful landscapes in Italy, how do you pick just one?