Something that I really look forward to each year is Spring Break. Every year my parents usually decide where we go and so far their plans have been fun. However, this year I’m planning to propose my destination wish list to them. My plans consist of really epic ideas to spend our week.
So, you just got word that you’re being stationed in Italy. You and your family have passports in hand and are ready to see what the European lifestyle is all about. Well, brace yourselves; Italy can be very overwhelming, especially to the newly arrived.
The day after Fat Tuesday in the United States, Carnevale in Italy and Fasching in Germany — celebrations known for extravagant masks, lively parades, wild parties and overindulgence — is a time of somber reflection for Western Christians around the world.
When you think of Italy, it’s easy for the mind to wander first to images of rolling hills in Tuscany, romantic canals in Venice and the summery seascapes of the Amalfi Coast.
Though iconic places belonging to Europe are important to see, it’s always best to travel to the lesser-known destinations to gain a better understanding of this diverse and beautiful continent.
With chocolates and pre-packaged cartoon cards filling the shelves of local exchanges and commissaries, it’s hard to miss the signs that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here are 10 fun facts about this Hallmark holiday of love.
When the snow starts to fall and the mountains begin softly calling your name, don’t write Italy off as a warm-weather destination only. The Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy are a great place for a winter family vacation.
Training, dedication and willpower — a few of the many attributes you need to prepare for a half or full marathon.
When creating travel itineraries, it is common to want to see the best of the best, especially when you only have a short time frame. In between the museums and guided tours of grand palaces, exploring ruins can sound boring.
With the Alps so close and easily accessible, it’s no wonder people take advantage of the incredibly long skiing seasons and the opportunity for epic winter vacations while stationed in Germany.
The Capitoline Museum in Rome overlooks the Forum, with the Colosseum beyond, so it is in the heart of the city. It’s easy to miss, though, as you wander up from the Forum and walk along the bustling streets.
Whether you are stationed in Italy or exploring its world famous sites on vacation, you will need to be prepared to communicate in the event of an emergency. The following phrases will help you speak to the locals when you are trying to say, “I need help!” 
The European Union has a consumption tax called Value Added Tax (VAT) similar to U.S. sales tax. The average VAT amount is 20 percent and is automatically included in the merchandise or service price, not added at the register. However, members of the U.S.
During World War II, planners in the War Department realized that military service members needed a better banking system. By 1943, more than 140 military installations had banking facilities, and in 1947, services began in Europe and the Pacific.
Shopping for a new car? U.S. military (active duty, retired, veterans and spouses), diplomats and DOD civilians on tour overseas can purchase new vehicles through the Military Car Sales Program.
Want to take a few lessons, improve your short game, or introduce your whole family to the game of golf? Maybe you just need to hit a few balls on the range now and then to relieve stress.