The wrapping paper is strewn around the house, you’ve had one too many helpings of pumpkin pie, and you’re afraid to go to the mailbox and get January’s credit card statements.
As I recall my childhood singing the famous Christmas carol “Silent Night,” images of my mom bringing my sisters and I hot cocoa as we sit by the fireplace singing this tune come fleeing in my mind
German gifts: Do-it-yourself Glühwein (Day 20)
By Karen Bradbury
For our next gift, it’s back to the toy shop, where a simple plastic toy that does absolutely nothing in and of itself comes under the spotlight.
It’s only fitting to end this list of German Christmas gifts with an item that symbolizes celebration and new beginnings.
Know a kid or a kid at heart who loves the mechanics of assembling a good old fashioned puzzle?
In Germany, the production of honey is a buzzing business. Approximately 130,000 beekeepers with a total of some 870,000 bee colonies work hard to keep the country supplied with this liquid gold.
What’s chocolate and tasty and perfectly square? If you’ve lived in Germany for any amount of time, that question was probably a no-brainer.
If up to now you’ve only thought of Playmobil toys as a slightly foot-friendlier version of the better-known Legos, perhaps it’s time to give a re-think to one of Germany’s best-known brands of pla
When visions of gingerbread dance in your head, the backdrop of the scene might well resemble the skyline of Nuremberg all ablaze in Christmas lights.
Fall can be the perfect time to start delving into crafts, particularly beginner woodworking
With leaves rapidly changing to vibrant colors and chilly brisk mornings, autumn has arrived in Germany. What better way to celebrate the changing of seasons than with a festival!
Whether you’re stationed in England or are planning to visit, be sure to plan accordingly to when their bank holidays are in order to avoid closures of shops and attractions.
The loud buzzing of alarm clocks and groans of school children will soon fill the early morning air in homes around the area, as most DODEA schools begin the 2018-2019 school year on Monday, Aug.
Perhaps you let go of a lot of your furniture to lighten the weight load before your last PCS. Or, you like to purchase new (or new to you) items when you arrive at your new duty station.
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