Though iconic places belonging to Europe are important to see, it’s always best to travel to the lesser-known destinations to gain a better understanding of this diverse and beautiful continent.
Though Europe is the perfect location to knock off some bucket-list worthy adventures with your girlfriends or
Once upon a time, you read bedtime stories of princesses and knights and dreamed of living 800 years ago. Then you awoke in Europe, where the legends began. Perhaps you were crestfallen after countless castle ruins and torture museums exposed the unpleasant truths of the old world. Fear not!
With the holiday season in full swing, festive melodies and delicious scents waft through the crisp, cold air. Living overseas during the holidays affords a great opportunity to find one-of-a kind gifts and trinkets to send to loved ones back in the States.
Located in northeastern France is the striking town of Colmar. The Alsatian town, teeming with cobblestone streets, half-timbered medieval buildings, Gothic churches and quaint shops is a town made to inspire fairytales.
Wine has made up part of European culture since time immemorial, and vineyards are a defining feature of some of the continent’s most breathtaking landscapes.
When people discuss the world wars, often we Americans automatically identify with World War II. Directly impacted as a nation, we were attacked on our own soil and saw our military fighting unimaginable horrors across the European and Pacific Theaters.
There is much to enchant and intrigue in France’s Alsace region any time of the year. A reflection of its historical conquests and occupations, the region is a rich blend of Franco-German cultures and gastronomic and artisan pleasures.
Get some exercise, make friends, and learn about Germany’s wine growing industry — all while sampling some of the finest regional wines and culinary delights along the way.
If you speak German and can pass a grueling five- to six-hour language proficiency exam, a world of benefits awaits you at Kaiserslautern Technical University. Originally founded in 1970 in a partnership with the University of Trier, it became a stand-alone university in 1975.
Living in Europe certainly has its perks — good food, exciting places to explore, a new language to learn. But let’s face it — if you’re the crafty type, we’ve all had those moments where we wish we could just swing by Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics to pick up a few items.
Stars and Stripes and the World War II Foundation are providing four (4) pairs of tickets to the 2018 Normandy World War II International Film Festival & Band of Brothers Actors Reunion events June 1 to 4 in Normandy.
Anyone who has dabbled with handicraft can understand that the art of making things by hand, especially something beautiful and functional, is therapeutic, calming, and can evoke a powerful, even spiritual satisfaction.
On Veterans Day, American Battle Monument Commission (ABMC) sites throughout the world will be hosting ceremonies to honor our veterans and our fallen.
Two international football championships are happening simultaneously. In addition to Euro 2016, another football championship has been taking shape across the globe. The Copa América Centenario began on June 3 and will have its final match on June 26.