Navigating the roads in Europe can be either an exhilarating experience or harrowing escape, based on where or when you choose to travel.
The Alsace region of France springs vivid pictures when I think of it— brightly colored half-timbered houses lining narrow cobblestone alleys, a foodie’s paradise with Michelin-starred restaurants in quaint villages, and of course, award-winning wines.
When traveling in Europe, there are some obvious main attractions that are not to be missed. Neuschwanstein Castle, the Eiffel Tower and St. Peter’s Basilica are just a few of the most famous. However, there is so much more to Europe than these iconic places.
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Picture the Blitz in London during World War II, with bombs dropping on the heart of the city. Underneath the vulnerable streets, in an underground bunker of offices, Prime Minister Churchill and his staff planned the Allied operations of the war.
Some people travel to relax at a beach-side resort, or climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. But consider the world as a series of fabulous flea markets, displaying each culture’s best artifacts.
Grab your passports and pack your bags for a weekend in the Alsace. Discover beautiful cities, quaint villages, preserved castles, renowned wine and delicious cuisine in this diverse region of eastern France.
Tired of driving on unfamiliar roads? Planning your next three-day weekend getaway? Then relax and soak up the views of beautiful Europe as a passenger.
Tired of spending countless hours planning a trip everyone can agree on? Looking to embark on a new solo adventure? Europe has many locations that are great for solo travelers.
Whether you are an expert photographer, using the state of the art equipment, or a novice shooting on your smartphone camera, knowing where to capture the best Instagram-worthy shots while you are in Europe is essential.
Belgium is a country of peaceful farmland, canals and charming small towns. But, due to its location between France and Germany, it was the site of terrible fighting in both World War I and World War II.
Enjoyed your fill of museums and castles, but now seeking a little more excitement? Head out to one of Europe’s themed amusement parks. Lose yourself in fantasy lands, savor greasy park food, or hang on tight as you’re catapulted skyward.
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Aug. 2-26 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Actors, dancers, singers, comedians and other international performing artists take their creative energies to the city streets.
My hands were shaking as I clasped the rough stone railing of the Charles Bridge and peered down at the black waters of the Vltava River rushing below. The iconic twin-spires of the Týn Church loomed against the night sky as fog edged in over the city.
Summer is here which means sundresses, shorts and the world’s most contentious shoe, the flip-flop. What you may not know about everyone’s favorite toe-thong shoe, it dates all the way back to 1,500 B.C. with the ancient Egyptians.
What’s all the buzz about Trappist beer? Trappist is a term used to describe a specific order of monasteries which branched off from other Cisterian congregations in 1664 in La Trappe, France.