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Willkommen in Deutschland! Welcome to Germany! If you’ve recently arrived, your head may be spinning from a combination of jetlag and the sheer amount of information coming your way. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Moving overseas is a big change with a lot of moving pieces.
Ensuring that you and your family are making healthy decisions is an important part of your family’s overall well-being. However, with busy schedules and a million and one things to do, preparing healthy foods and finding time to exercise can be challenging.
Are you a family of day-trippers? If so, your posting abroad is a dream come true.
Scotland is a gorgeous country to visit any time of the year, but fall makes the following cities the perfect backdrop for your autumn adventures!
At first, you might be thrilled that your family has agreed to make the trek across the ocean. You may have your heart set on going to certain locations and showing your family just how truly amazing Germany can be.
On Thursday August 15, 2019 The  KMCC welcomed the Barbarossa Bakery to the Exchange family with the opening of the Barbarossa Bakery in the KMCC Exchange Concessions Mall
Do you want to travel more but are unsure of how you’ll be able to afford it? You’ve calculated the cost of flights, hotels, food and transportation, and you’re left feeling discouraged. Don’t worry! At the end of this guide you’ll be a budget travel guru.
The loud buzzing of alarm clocks and groans of school children will soon fill the early morning air in homes around the area, as most DODEA schools begin the 2019-2020 school year on Monday, Aug. 26.
Germans and Americans will come together this weekend to celebrate the two cultures. This is the third year for Ramstein’s German-American Friendship Festival.
England is a lovely country known for its vast farmland, musical icons and of course, political figureheads. Seeing as my family originally descends from Manchester, I have compiled a few places to spend time at in this popular city.
John Rylands Library
Even though we live where everyone dreams of vacationing, sometimes it can be hard finding things to do on the weekends. Here are some fun things to do in the  KMC that will fill your Saturday with joy and excitement for the whole family! 
In case you haven't gotten it yet, the brand new Stripes Europe Road Guide is loaded with detailed information about driving in Germany, Italy and the U.K., including rules of the road, road signs, accident procedures and how to register vehicles.
Whether this is your first year in Europe or your third, no doubt you have a few places in mind that you would like to visit. When I arrived to Germany, my number one goal was to visit as many castles as I could before heading back to the States.
PCSing is a major hurdle to jump no matter your age, whether you have done it a thousand times, or it’s your first time leaving home. Things become even more complicated once you go off to college.
Community members can enjoy more flexibility with their workout schedules thanks to increased after-hours access at two U.S.