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Upon hearing the phrase D-Day, most would have no problem in associating this with the Allied invasion of Normandy on the northern coast of France carried out on June 6, 1944. The Invasion of Normandy is the term which refers to the operation as it stretched on into the summer months.
I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously over the cloudy, gloomy days of Germany’s winter. It’s time to shake the cabin fever and get outdoors. So let’s take in the air at one of the county’s alluring gardens at Castle Rastatt. 
A breath of fresh air 
Juan Pujol Garcia, code-named "Garbo," is considered one of the heroes of D-Day. But he didn't land on the beaches of Normandy in 1944 nor fight on the front lines of World War II.
Rose Monday Parade
March 4, Mainz 
Starting at 11:11 a.m., a 4-mile-long carnival parade made up of 9,500 participants and 165 floats will pass through a crowd of spirited revelers.
I hear the sounds of a military march in my mind every time I see my son in uniform. I have been proud of my son from the day he was born, but I experience a different kind of pride now. I thought that I understood what serving your country and freedom meant … and then my son became a soldier and...
Commemorations marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in 2019 are shaping up to be big. The board of tourism in Normandy, France, assures us the occasion will be celebrated with every bit of the splendor and solemnity this significant date deserves.
What’s almost as much fun as traveling? Planning that next big trip! Wherever your travel fantasies might lead you, there is one thing it generally does pay to do, and that is to secure tickets, bookings or reservations for all those things you dream of doing throughout the year.
Hornschlitten are those handsome old-fashioned sleds with runners that curl upward at the front. Once used to transport wood and hay in the German Alps, they have a new use in modern times: an object for racing down a snow-covered track at speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour.
Check out what's happening in Germany this November!
Do you love to write? Hope to find a career in journalism, public relations or other communications field after college? Or are you hoping to keep your current skills up to date to sculpt you into being a great candidate for a future job?
Happening right now is the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series semi-finals at the American Fan Fest until Sunday, Sept. 16 at the Hockenheimring in Baden-Württemberg.
Keep your child’s summer fun with programs available through Army Child, Youth and School Services and Force Support Squadron Youth Services!
CYS programs
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Afraid you don’t know anyone at your new duty station? Not to worry! Child, Youth and School Services has a youth sponsorship program that supports incoming students throughout the school year and into the summer.
High school can be the hardest time for a military child to PCS. They’ve worked hard to earn a reputation in their sport or activity and with their teachers. They have friends and a routine they don’t want to leave. Switching allegiance from one school to another is hard.