London is known for being a royal, historic city and, of course, popular for those British accents. However, it’s also known for being pretty pricey. Not to worry, it’s time to “keep calm and carry on” because having a memorable trip to London on a budget is possible!
Fulfill little wonders and satisfy curiosities. Push past signs reading ‘Please Do Not Touch’ and seek out genuinely kid-friendly museums. Most European museums will offer an English version or explanation. Check with the information desk for free handouts as well as kids activity sheets.
If you think a trip to Belgium means either Brussels or Bruges, then you’ve missed the country’s best-kept secret of Ghent!
It rains an awful lot in Germany. That’s one thing we picked up on pretty quickly.
Instead of canceling our plans, most soggy days, we put on our boots, hats and jackets and head out, anyway. Otherwise, we might be stuck in the house weekend after weekend for months at a time.
Beginning in mid-September, the charming Altstadts throughout Germany will be transformed into large tents decorated in hues of blue and white, with wreaths of bright green hops adorning chandeliers inside. ‘Tis the season for beer festivals!
It’s officially beer fest season! Oktoberfest may be just a few weeks away, but there are still a number of ways to celebrate. If you want a different kind of beer experience, consider taking a trip to the home of one of Germany’s favorite beers, the Krombacher Brauerei.
Fall in Germany is the best time of the year to sample the harvest’s best in wine and beer at farm, folk and city festivals that pop up all over the place.
As we creep into fall and eventually winter, soon new fruits and vegetables will creep into the produce aisle. When produce is in-season you’ll see a lot more of it. It’ll be cheaper and likely taste better.
What comes to mind when you find out you’re headed to Germany? Why, beer, of course. Not just beer, but crowds of happy people all arm in arm, singing, swaying and sloshing giant mugs of the foamy stuff, cheering each other on and eating loads of roasted meat and giant pretzels.
When considering child development within the early years and beyond, it is important to understand the benefits of incorporating the arts into everyday activities.
Loud, pulsating drumbeats, bawdy cheering and plenty of water shenanigans will ensue Saturday, Sept. 7 along the scenic riverbanks in the historic center of Cambridge.
Lights twinkling above the beloved holiday stands, the Tannenbaum (Christmas tree) adorned with red and gold ornaments, the aroma of roasted chestnuts filling the air and a cup of Glühwein warming up your cold, almost numb hand — nothing puts us more in a holly, jolly mood than
Located in northeastern France is the striking town of Colmar. The Alsatian town, teeming with cobblestone streets, half-timbered medieval buildings, Gothic churches and quaint shops is a town made to inspire fairytales.
As if Italy isn’t home to enough amazing destinations, you can now add a fantastic festival to the list of reasons why you should be traveling there ASAP. The International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Ferrara takes place from Sept.
Traveling with teenagers poses its own set of challenges. After living in Europe for four years, there are only so many old towns, cathedrals and squares my teens can visit before it all begins to run together.
Trade, strategy, irrigation. The history of canal waterways has left a long-lasting impression on Europe’s cities. Once used as ports for merchants, these waters are a sparkling touch to the rich history of the surrounding land.