The wrapping paper is strewn around the house, you’ve had one too many helpings of pumpkin pie, and you’re afraid to go to the mailbox and get January’s credit card statements.
You’ve made it through your grandpa’s jokes during the Christmas meal and handed out all of your gifts.
Below are some tips provided by members of the U.S. military community who are experienced European travelers:
Before you go:
Norman Rockwell’s oil painting, “Freedom from Want,” is an iconic representation of the American holiday meal.
Copenhagen is a city with cheap hot dog vendors on every corner as well as expensive restaurants.
Have you ever looked around your kitchen and realized you have the best ceramic cookware and you can't decide on what to cook for dinner?
One of the most challenging tasks of parenting is buying supplies and clothing for your children before they start back to school.
Interested in stretching that dollar as far as it will go while still producing fast and delicious meals?
Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders arrive and the flurry of moving begins. It’s a time of excitement, anticipation and preparations.
Perhaps you let go of a lot of your furniture to lighten the weight load before your last PCS. Or, you like to purchase new (or new to you) items when you arrive at your new duty station.