Aside from a man’s best friend — the dog, friends are important to have. The adventurous, funny and perhaps embarrassing moments will make for great stories down the road.
With the holiday season in full swing, festive melodies and delicious scents waft through the crisp, cold air.
Just say the word Germany and for many, images of frosty steins in the hands of dirndled maidens are the first thing to come to mind.
Oktoberfest is over, but Germany's celebration of beer continues into late November and early December. 
Usually people tour a city by day and party by night when they’re traveling. If you’ve ever wanted to combine the two, look no further.
While Germany’s known for its beer, its states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse aren’t exactly the country’s powerhouses when it comes to pumping out the stuff.
Take a unique culinary adventure through the lush trails between Landstuhl and Kindsbach!
Traditional German beer is known for its high quality and standards.
Everyone has lofty intentions to travel while in Europe. Beer tops many lists of things to experience while in new countries and cities.
What comes to mind when you find out you’re headed to Germany? Why, beer, of course.