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On April 23, 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV endorsed the Purity Law for German beer, stating that just four ingredients can be used in the brewing process: water, malt, hops and yeast. Five hundred years later, the world’s oldest food regulation remains in effect.
For years, Sharon Schell tried to get her father to talk about his experiences in World War II, but he kept them to himself.
Brewing beer is an art form that has taken shape over the last couple of millennia. In Germany, beer is not just a beverage but also a part of its cultural identity.
Ah, that delicious duo, wine and cheese — both take time to produce with a fermentation and aging process, and they pair perfectly. They’ve also been around for like, forever; evidence of their existence has been found as far back as 7000-6000 BC in Asia and Europe.
This Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolates and flowers to splurge on a gastronomic experience at exceptional restaurants close to home.
ENTE Restaurant, Wiesbaden
Whether you love or despise the chilly weather, winter has finally arrived! With all the rain that has been dousing the region, it’s sometimes easy to forget that it is indeed January in Germany. That being said, preparation for the cold days and nights ahead can make a big difference.
In the depths of Bavaria you will find Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. Towering almost 10,000 feet (2,962m), the summit and straddles the German-Austrian border. You could say the Zugspitze has dual citizenship.
Winter can be such a drag, no matter where you live. Cold temperatures, rain, snow, and clouds might have you thinking of spending your life savings on a tropical vacation to Greece for a week. Don’t bust out those flip flops and swimming suits just yet.
Christmas is all about bringing families together during the most joyous time of the year. The sweet warm smell of roasted nuts lingering through the air does a phenomenal job of bringing my big, chaotic family together.
Amazing markets in the Bavaria area kicking off very, very soon! 
Enjoy yourself at Oktoberfest, but be vigilant and maintain situational awareness at all times. 
Oktoberfest safety tips 
In 1475, Duke Georg of Landshut took young Hedwig, a Polish princess, as his bride. This union was celebrated and rejoiced throughout Europe, with many noblemen declaring the marriage one of divine providence.
Grafenwoehr Elementary School (GES) hosted its annual Fasching parade on Tuesday, February 28.
Colorful costumes, masked balls and elaborate parades are all part of Fasching festivities. Commonly known as Mardi Gras in the States, Fasching celebrates the few remaining days before the solemn season of Lent.
For 90 years, the Harlem Globetrotters have been combining athleticism and comedy, and entertaining audiences around the world. Originating in 1926 in Chicago, the renowned basketball troupe has played more than 26,000 exhibition games, and performs more than 450 live events a year.