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Living in the moment with mindfulness

With perpetually busy lives, it can be a challenge to live in the moment.

What's up weekend: Kaiserslautern and Wiesbaden Nov. 17 - 19

Wondering what to do this weekend? Here are some great events lined up for you! This weekend's events are sponsored by CWT SatoTravel & United...

Yoga at Sky Garden in London

Are you a yogi heading to London soon? Why not try the new sunrise yoga class at Sky Garden?

Get moving: 5 ways to make working out a priority

Life doesn't get any less busy so you find time for the things you deem important.

Break a sweat in a group fitness class

Does taking on the gym alone intimidate you? Or are you more inclined to workout when you have someone to exercise with? Good news!

Try and buy wines at De Vine in Landstuhl

Open since October 2015, the De Vine Wine retail shop in downtown Landstuhl offers more...

Become a certified YogaFit instructor

Are you interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor or furthering your YogaFit certification? Now is your chance!

What's Up: Weekend events Sept. 2-5

Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got your weekend events throughout Europe lined up for you! Here’s what’s up this weekend:

Celebrate the summer solstice with yoga

The summer solstice is recognized June 21. It’s the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.

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