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Explore flavorful regional wine at Wein am Dom

Known as one of the most beautiful wine festivals in Germany, Speyer’s Wein am Dom will delight vino connoisseurs and novices alike.

9 reasons to visit the UK this fall

Leaves changing from shades of green to brilliant hues of orange and red, with brisk, cool breezes swirling through the air.

Deutches Weinlesefest: The highlight of the Pfalz wine fest season

As September draws to a close in Germany, work in the vineyards dwindles down, as well.

Germany's wine fests: October 2016

From a sparkling Sekt to a crisp Riesling or fruity Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a wonderful wine from...

Upcoming day trips with Baumholder Outdoor Recreation

You don’t want to miss out on these fun day trips! Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends and family, there’s a trip for you!

What's Up: Weekend events Aug. 12-14

Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got weekend events throughout Europe lined up for you! Here’s what’s up this weekend:

Germany's wine fests: August 2016

From a sparkling champagne to a crisp Riesling or fruity Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir), you do not have to travel far to enjoy a wonderful...

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