Getting a ride in Germany

With money now in hand, you’re going to need a car.

Clunker amnesty program at Baumholder

If you’ve been looking for a way to dispose your non-operating lemon inexpensively, you’re in luck this weekend. Beginning today through Feb.

Taking a road trip soon? Get your IDP

Whether you’re crossing the German border for a weekend in Strasbourg, France; heading to mainland Europe from England via the chunnel; or saying...

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Army to increase security at garrisons throughout Europe

STUTTGART, Germany — The Army is using improved explosive detecting gear at garrisons throughout Europe to intensify the military’s force...

See something, say something

In light of recent events across Europe, it has become more important than ever to remain vigilant and cautious of your surroundings.

USAREUR Civilian VERA & VSIP application window open

As USAREUR transforms and evolves to its new operational environment, they are looking to minimize the risk of involuntary separations within the...

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