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Unleash your wild side at Europa-Park

For as long as I can remember, my family has taken a day trip to Europe’s second most popular theme park,...

Family-friendly Mallorca

Mallorca, Spain is a European island hot spot.

24 hours in Barcelona

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7 foods to try in Spain

From authentic pizza in Rome to Guinness in Dublin, we’ve done a lot of tasting and traveling in our past two years in Europe.

Hookin' up with higher voltage

Two years ago my friend Mary took a summer job in Spain.

Colorful, cosmopolitan Madrid

Madrid doesn’t feel like a major European city. It feels like a large culture center.

Photo by Iakov Filimonov

Adventures in Spain – The La Tomatina Festival

Whether it’s hanging out with friends, backyard barbecues, camping, or heading to the pool or beach, summer is the season of fun.

Spice up Sunday dinner with Spanish cuisine

When I was little, Sunday dinners were a weekly staple in my family. My mom spent most of the day in the kitchen, preparing dinner and baking...

Photo by Sean Pavone

Europe on a euro: Madrid

Some of the best things in life are free … including travel experiences.

Summer programs on and off base

Being stationed overseas does not mean that there is a lack of exciting, educational and entertaining summer activities for school-age kids.


Get Glamourous with European Jewelry

From silver in Barcelona, rubies in Nuremberg, pink coral in Rome to vintage surprises at flea markets and bazaars, it's fun to find a special shiny...

Plan ahead for your next trip with these Euro beaches

Humans have always had a connection to the ocean. Whether for work, food, leisure or adventure, many of us are drawn to its magic.


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