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Traffic violations and fines in Germany

There are consequences for violating the rules of the road, including fines and suspension of driving privileges.

Pumpin' you up on fuel rules

Living in Europe means you’ll need to make a few extra steps when re- fueling your vehicle.

Road rules in Germany

German drivers and roadways are some of the safest in the world. By signing for your USAREUR license, you also agree to be a confident driver at all...
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Road rules in Italy

When driving in Italy, it is important to not only be aware of traffic laws but also adhere to them, even if it appears that others are not.

Watch out for speed traps near Trier Aug. 22-28

Be on the look out for speed traps set up in these locations throughout Trier Aug. 22-28.

Monday, Aug. 22 

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Motorcycle safety in England

To obtain a motorcycle endorsement on a USAREUR, SETAF, SHAPE or USAFE-issued license, military personnel, dependents and civilians must be at...

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