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Munich history: Remembering the White Rose

They were arrested 75 years ago in Munich during the Third Reich era, and Germany remembers them to this day with honor and respect.

Get into the spirit of Carnival

Masquerades, fancy balls and parades make up the joyous celebrations known as Carnival. Think of Mardi Gras in full swing.

5 great places to stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

With winter finally upon us, it’s time to wax the skis and snowboards and hit the slopes!

Munich is big on beer all year

Many famous breweries are headquartered in Munich, so you can have a liter of beer and traditional Bavarian cuisine any season.

Explore European cities: Dublin, Lyon, and Seville

There is no question that Europe is rich in culture, history and fun. Get out of your comfort zone and venture beyond your community.

Stars and Stripes File Photo

Elvis in Germany

Thanks to the Memphis draft board, Elvis Presley got the chance to spend a little time in Europe after he was drafted into the U.S.

From the edge: Ice climbing Europe

If scaling a vertical wall of ice hundreds of feet above the ground sounds exciting, keep reading!

A champagne cork pops in celebration.

Sylvester: German New Year's traditions

German New Year’s Eve is also referred to as Sylvester Night.

Transportation options for NYE celebrations

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration, resolutions and for some, a little imbibing.

A castle Christmas market in Regensburg

The courtyard of Thurn and Taxis Palace (also called the Palace of St. Emmeram) is the most festive part of town.

Stripes Europe readers' favorite Christmas markets

Millions of tourists flock to Europe every winter for Christmas markets.


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