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Growing up overseas: A DODEA student story

Growing up as a military civilian kid to two DODEA teachers, my exposure to the US was slim. In fact, my entire upbringing was unique compared to...

Tuition help for military children

Like all parents, service members often need help to pay the high cost of college tuition.

Finding homeschool resources for military children

Home schooling may appeal to some military families who are concerned that frequent moves and new school systems might disrupt their children's...

My military kid is still struggling in school: Now what?

So much can go wrong when transferring schools, even if you check all the right boxes. But what can you do, as a parent, to help remedy some of these...

Be a homework genius! 7 ways to help your child with any subject

My child asks me for help with his school work, and at least once a week I am losing badly at “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”

Helping kids get settled in Europe

Moving to Europe is a big change for the entire family, and children certainly feel this impact as they leave behind familiar schedules,...

Parenting ideas for all phases of deployment

Find out how to help your children cope with all phases of deployment.

US Army CYS wants to hear from you

From child care to school-age services, teen programs, youth sports and more, U.S.

Download the FBI’S Child ID app to protect your kids

Ever year, thousands of children go missing. The FBI’s new Child ID APP can help.

Tips for helping keep our kids safe

The U.S. Army Directorate of Emergency Services has tips for helping keep our kids safe at European duty stations.

Jedi training event coming to KMCC Exchange

KAISERSLAUTERN MILITARY COMMUNITY – The Force will most definitely be with families at the Kaiserslautern Military Community on Oct.

School lunch program just got easier

Summer seems like the last time of year to think about the school lunch program.

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