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Traffic violations and fines in Germany

There are consequences for violating the rules of the road, including fines and suspension of driving privileges.

7 counseling options for servicemembers and their families

Lives of service members and their families are overwhelming at times.

How to handle stress

Whether you feel the effects or not, the drastic change of moving overseas causes stress long after the last box is unpacked. Luckily, there are many...

Fast and frugal family meals

Interested in stretching that dollar as far as it will go while still producing fast and delicious meals?

Finding schools and child care in England

Finding the right schools and child care arrangements to fit your family's needs can be stressful enough in the States.

Health care in Germany

During your time in Germany, you’re going to catch a cold, need a teeth cleaning or have to get your eyes checked.

Say goodbye to the winter blues with vitamin D

Europe's lack of sun in the winter makes vitamin D deficiency very common.

Finding homeschool resources for military children

Home schooling may appeal to some military families who are concerned that frequent moves and new school systems might disrupt their children's...

Trading traditions: Time for Christmas goose

Growing up, my family picked out a real Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving each year.

How to be healthy through the holidays

Don’t let the go-go-go-grinch steal your holiday health.


Experience a snowy Christmas market in Garmsich

Nestled at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, the famous resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a wonderland for winter sports enthusiasts,...


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