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Top 5 United Kingdom staycations

Being stationed in the United Kingdom, I always seem to find myself looking to vacation elsewhere.

24 hours in London

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Kid-approved vacations around Europe

For a great family vacation, why not let science and nature take center stage?

Hop on board with these 9 train trips through Europe

Travel like a European and climb aboard the modern, dependable network of high-speed trains throughout Europe.

Get your sushi fix at these 5 restaurants

My husband and I have a fondness for sushi. An affection, really. We both look for sushi restaurants on our travels.


Sleek and snazzy: Quirky themed hotels in Europe

Whether visiting a European capital, escaping to the wilderness, or balancing your bucket list with the kids’, you’ll find funky, fun and often...

Savor the grape at the Vintage Festival in London

Known more for ales, whisky and ciders, the United Kingdom isn’t necessarily known for wine.

Toy bus on top of London map.

London's top 5 treats

My fondest memories were made not while snapping a photo of Big Ben or trying on clothes at Topshop. They were made while enjoying great food with...

Countdown to Spring: 9 must-see European gardens

Soon Europe will be in full bloom, and the best place to see the remarkable transition from winter to spring is at one of these incredible gardens.
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Have high tea in Wonderland with cats

Spend a golden afternoon in one of London’s best spots for high tea – Lady Dinah’s Cat...

Community feature: My idea of the best Spring Break ever

An ideal Spring Break from the kid's perspective.

Europe's chocolate craze

Chocolate. It can be a daily comfort food or an occasional sinful delicacy. It’s available in all colors, shapes and flavors.


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