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What's up: Weekend events March 17-19

Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got some great weekend events throughout Europe lined up for you! Here’s what’s up:

Torchbearers stand during a Jaegerschlag, or hunter induction, ceremony at Eberbach Abbey near Eltville, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016. The ceremony is always conducted by torchlight, and torchbearers are either current hunters or family members of those being inducted. Eighteen Americans were inducted into the German hunting community in Sunday's ceremony, earning their Jagdschein, or hunting license. Dan Stoutamire/Stars and Stripes

Americans join German hunting group after finishing rigorous course

WIESBADEN, Germany — At a colorful ceremony inside the historic, 12th-century Eberbach Abbey, 18 Americans were inducted on Sunday into the German...

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