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Get put to the test in Europe's escape rooms

Get your friends together and brainstorm your way out of an ultimate puzzle — Europe's escape rooms.

Haunting Halloween history in Germany

While the modern Halloween holiday dates to the 19th century in the United States, Halloween is still relatively young in Germany.
Castle Bran ©: Janos Gaspar/123RF.com

Transylvania: Land of legends

For many, Transylvania conjures up images of vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night, but the real Romania is far more fascinating, and...

Thrills and chills at Germany's amusement parks

Amusement parks are great anytime of the year, but they really sparkle for October and Halloween!

Deadly dungeons of Europe

A few hundred years ago, people hoped never to see the village dungeon.

Great Scots! Upcoming festivals and more in enchanting Edinburgh

Out of all of the cities I’ve traveled to so far, Edinburgh continues to be my favorite.

© gandolfocannatella/123rf.com

25 more summer adventures for your Europe bucket list

Need a boost to get off the sofa and see what Europe has waiting for you?

Halloween happenings throughout Germany

Whether you're looking for goblins, ghosts or just a spooky-themed story, here are some Halloween events going on throughout Germany.

Haunted halls, creepy crypts and ghost tours

Infamous murders, epidemics, public executions and medieval torture — this is why the cities of Europe are said to be haunted.

Haunted Europe

This Halloween, experience heart-pounding, hair-raising excitement at these hot spots of paranormal activity.
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