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The Saarland scene

When we need a quick change of scenery from quiet Rheinland-Pfalz villages, my husband and I head to Saarbrücken.

Germany's paradise: Tropical Islands Resort

Never underestimate the healing power of rest and relaxation, especially in the middle of a tropical paradise in Germany.

Cafe Maldaner

Cuisine: European

One of our favorite brunch location on the weekend is Cafe Maldaner in downtown Wiesbaden.

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Tasty versatile tarts

As the summer fruit season slowly winds down, the baking season is just around the corner.

Case lot, 'back to school'

August promotions yield savings for commissary patrons.
Two flamenco dancers.

Savoring tapas and flamenco in Seville

Seville has become a soup of sorts. It's unique and packed with a little drama, a lot of flavor and all the intensity you look for in a great...
Different varieties of mustard

Dijon: Much more than mustard

The city of Dijon, known for its namesake mustard, offers visitors more than gourmet condiments; there are numerous sightseeing experiences to make...

8 ways to make the most of summer produce in Germany

One of the greatest parts about living in Germany during the summer is enjoying all of the local seasonal produce.

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