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Quick home workout for busy days

This circuit is one of my favorites that I enjoy doing in the comfort of my home, inspired by Shape Magazine. Why is this workout so impactful?

15 healthy snacks to eat before or after you workout

Eating a well-balanced snack before and after you exercise is essential for repairing sore muscles.

How to train for a marathon

You can’t see the finish line, but according to the digital race watch you wear on your left arm, you know you don’t have far to go.

5 benefits of weight lifting

We all know the importance of cardio. It can aid in weight loss, reduce stress, give us stronger hearts and lungs and so much more.

How to keep fit and healthy on the road

Even the most disciplined exercisers face fitness hurdles when traveling: from varied schedules to unhealthy foods to the lack of fitness...

10 exercises to do with your baby

Active parents are an inspiration to their children. Your patient little baby or toddler is always watching whether you realize it or not.

New year, new you

Now that the new year is well underway, excuses and rationalizations can easily take the place of New Year’s resolutions.

Unwind at these top 5 German spas

Whether you want to go solo, with friends or your significant other, these top five spa resorts in Germany are ideal for anyone who is looking for a...

'SMART' goals can improve health for new year

It's a new year, why not a new you?

Health and wellness coaching

Yay, you! You have a goal! Not only that, but you know how to reach it!

A patron enters the Northside Fitness Center at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Jan. 13, 2017. Despite renovations to some of its features, the facility remains open for its customers. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Joshua Magbanua)

Northside gym undergoes renovations

RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- The 86th Force Support Squadron’s Northside Fitness Center at Ramstein Air Base is undergoing several major...


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