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Participate in 2017 DODEA cares customer service survey

Make your voice heard! DODEA is looking for feedback from current parents and students.

How to survive the deployment cycle

Deployments are never easy, no matter if it is your first, or if you and your spouse have weathered a few assignments together.

Wiesbaden's Myrah Hernandez carries her team's dishes to the judging room at the DODEA-Europe Culinary Arts Championships in Kaiserslautern, Germany, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017.They cooked crab cakes, honey sriracha orange chicken and Caribbean crepe at the competition. MICHAEL ABRAMS/STARS AND STRIPES

DODEA Europe student chefs put cooking chops to the test

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — As time expired, the four student chefs from Wiesbaden raised their arms, signifying they were done and exhaling a...

DODEA curriculum standards

A great way to be a help and support to your children is to know what they are studying in schools.

Attending a non-DOD school

Some duty stations in Europe do not have DOD schools in some or all grades.

13 tips for PCSing with a high schooler

High school can be the hardest time for a military child to PCS.

"Tagging" the digital wall at the DDR Museum. © Stacy Roman

10 offbeat museums in Germany

Want to go off the beaten path? These 10 quirky museums in Germany are definitely worth a visit.

PCSing your student athlete

Moving with a high school athlete can present challenges.

Getting an education while abroad

In today’s increasingly competitive economy, a college degree is becoming a necessity for employment in many career fields.

6 benefits of military child care

You want to do the best you can for your child’s development. Wouldn’t it be a relief to go to work knowing your little one will be in good hands...

What to do after school? Your CYS childcare options

Army Child, Youth and School Services (CYS) offers regular before and after school care, as well as hourly care, for elementary school age...

PCSing from Europe before school is out? You may want to accelerate

You may qualify for the DODEA Acceleration program which will allow your child to withdrawal from school with full semester credit before the end...


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