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Global cuisine: Copenhagen street food

Copenhagen is a city with cheap hot dog vendors on every corner as well as expensive restaurants.

Photos by Julia Cahill

Mr. Lian: A perfect spot for celebrating in Kaiserslautern

Lunch at Mr. Lian was the only way we could say a proper farewell to our beloved colleague.

Living like a local in Germany

You may notice many cultural differences between American and German living.

Tips to dine like a local in Germany

Every country has its quirks and social etiquette that contributes to its overall culture.

© Kristy Alpert

Riding the rails through former Yugoslavia

Soak in the magical nostalgia of traveling slowly through the heart of the former Yugoslavia by train.

21 Lounge

Cuisine: European
Cuisine: German
Cuisine: Italian
Near Base: Kleber Kaserne

Hidden in plain sight during the day and glowing with vibrant colors at night, Kaiserslautern’s 21 Lounge offers the unique dining experience of...

The Saarland scene

When we need a quick change of scenery from quiet Rheinland-Pfalz villages, my husband and I head to Saarbrücken.

Skiing in Austria: Something for everyone

Whether you are looking for exhilarating slopes, authentic alpine villages or great après-ski, there is no better skiing destination than Austria.

Living like a local in Europe

Getting the chance to live in Europe is something many people only dream of.

When in Rome: Travel like a pro

Searching for a new place to explore?

Try the catch of the day at the Ketsch Backfischfest

For more than half a century, seafood dishes — including walleye, trout, salmon, tilapia and even eel — have been deep fried in a...

FoodOgraphy: Bavaria, K-town and beyond

Our food-loving readers and staff have shared mouthwatering photos of their best meals in Europe.


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