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Skip the Eiffel Tower: 4 places to see Paris from above

The Eiffel Tower is the most well-known of Paris’ landmarks. This modern marvel of architecture is a must-see on millions of bucket lists.

Imbibing in Epernay, home of Champagne

I took my first trip to Épernay, France with my mom and two girlfriends.

Europe by air: Hot air balloon excursions

What better way to enjoy Europe than with a hot air balloon ride? From the air, encounter a whole new world you never thought you’d see.

Romantic Paris and Versaille

My heart raced as we made our way through the winding streets and narrow back alleyways of the Montmartre art district, passing patrons who were...

'Tis the season to get pampered

The preparation and festivities of the holiday season leave little time to wind down.

Two castle Christmas markets this weekend near the KMC

These two castle markets take place for one weekend only, so add them to your calendar for Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 26-27.

Oh baby! Babymoons in Europe

Congratulations; a baby is on the way!

Knossos Palace in Crete

European city highlights: Cannes, Crete, Lisbon, London, Rekjavik and Valletta

Europe is rich in culture, history and fun, so take time to travel. Get out of your comfort zone, go off base and venture beyond your community....

A champagne cork pops in celebration.

Sylvester: German new year's traditions

German New Year’s Eve is also referred to as Sylvester Night.

Best skiing in Europe

The hills are alive with the sound of … skiers and snowboarders.

Fireworks over Edinburgh Castle at sunset

Ringing in the new year, Euro-Style

New York City’s Time Square isn’t the only big party to celebrate 2013. The Europeans are no strangers to celebrating the end of another year and a...
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