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Sleek and snazzy: Quirky themed hotels in Europe

Whether visiting a European capital, escaping to the wilderness, or balancing your bucket list with the kids’, you’ll find funky, fun and often...

Explore Germany with Flixtrains

Having the itch to feed your wanderlust or planning a budget-friendly trip? Book a train with Flixbus to satisfy both needs.

Europe's chocolate craze

Chocolate. It can be a daily comfort food or an occasional sinful delicacy. It’s available in all colors, shapes and flavors.

Touring Berlin's Reichstag

Berlin’s Reichstag is a fascinating pairing of old and modern with layers of history, much like the city itself.

The heart of Old Town Dresden, the Theaterplatz

An architectural tale of two cities: Berlin and Dresden

Have you ever noticed that cities tend to have a unique energy and feel? Look around, it just might be the architecture speaking to you!
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Explore European cities: Budapest, Moscow and Prague

Europe is rich in culture, history and fun, so take time to travel. Get out of your comfort zone and explore Budapest, Moscow and Prague!

City highlights: Paris, Berlin, Salzburg & Barcelona

While stationed overseas, do not miss the opportunity to experience European culture, history and excitement.

Berlin's Thai Park

Our trip to Berlin was work-related for Dear Husband but food related for my daughter and me.

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Warm up at a winter craft beer fest

If you’re feeling a little cabin fever due to the cold and snow, the GesundBrewing Craft Beer Festival may be just what you need.

Dip into German spas

The excitement of the holidays is over, and you’ve settled back into your daily routine.

Warm up your holiday vacation with the tropics!

Germany's paradise: Tropical Islands Resort

Never underestimate the healing power of rest and relaxation, especially in the middle of a tropical paradise in Germany.
A champagne cork pops in celebration.

Sylvester: German New Year's traditions

German New Year’s Eve is also referred to as Sylvester Night.


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