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Celebrate Belgian brews like a local at the Antwerp Beer Festival

Rumor has it, the average Belgian drinks more than 80 liters of heady brews each year. Just as passionate about hops and malted barley?

Celebrate Belgian brews at the Bruges Beer Festival

The Bruges Beer Festival is coming next weekend, Feb. 3-4!

Celebrate the season at Cannstatter Volksfest

Beginning in mid-September, the charming Altstadts throughout Germany will be transformed into large tents decorated in hues of blue and white,...

Walk along the Berlin Biermeile

Set in the trendy former East Berlin neighborhood of Friedrichschain, take a walk through one of Berlin’s storied brew fests — The Berlin...

The traveling German beer festival

For true beer enthusiasts, there is a festival designed just for you without all of the carnival hoopla. Here’s the twist: it’s not just a one-time...
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