Learning about your new home as a student

Learning about your new home as a student

by: Ruth Ploeger, Army Region School Liaison Officer/Transition Support Specialist | .
Family and MWR CYS Services | .
published: August 23, 2016

Moving to a new country can be exciting and sometimes scary. Learning about where you will be living may make your child feel more at ease about the move and get them excited about living in Europe. The school liaison officer (SLO) webpages for Army Europe all offer a “Learn about your new home!” section. There are pages for Germany, Italy and the Benelux. Kids can watch videos about their new country, do activities and learn to say a few words in the local language. 

Go to europe.armymwr.com/slo and click on your installation to learn about your new home! Some locations also offer cultural orientations for students. Ask your SLO what is available in your location. 

For more to help your student PCS, visit Europe Family and MWR's website for an Inbound Student Handbook.



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