How to handle an auto accident in Germany


How to handle an auto accident in Germany

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published: July 10, 2016

If an accident occurs, stay at the scene; leaving is considered a hit-and-run and a serious criminal offense under both German law and U.S. military law. 

  • Use a reflective vest, your hazard lights and set out a warning triangle 200m from the crash (autobahns) or 100m on other roads. 
  • Call the military police (MP) or Security Forces (SF) for accidents on base, and both German police and MP/SF for those off base. You must report an accident to Security Forces within 72 hours.

Injury Accident

Drivers must help the injured whether they were involved or not.

  • Provide first aid, but do not move anyone seriously injured.
  • Call for emergency help (112), and contact MP/SF for assistance. 

Non-Injury Accident

If no one is injured and damage is minor, quickly move the cars to avoid blocking traffic. 

  • Exchange information with Polizei and involved parties (see form on next page to help
  • you gather information).
  • Polizei may assess fines to be paid on the spot. Also, they may ask for a statement. You are not required to give your statement at that time, but are required to verify your identity and contact information. 
  • Do not sign any documents unless you know exactly what they say and are not an admission of guilt. Also, beware of anyone who approaches you to get you to sign powers of attorney, loan applications, car-rental forms or towing agreements. 
  • Contact towing services either through your insurance agency or through the help of the MP.
  • Contact insurance company within 24 hours
  • Contact the local legal office for further assistance. 

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