Handling an auto accident in Italy


Handling an auto accident in Italy

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published: May 04, 2016

Being in an auto accident is stressful enough as it is. Add a foreign country and a different language to the mix, and things get even muddier. Just in case you ever find yourself stuck on the side of a road, wondering what to do if you experience an auto accident, we've compiled a few things that will help you make it through.

Minor, non-injury accident

  1. Put on a reflective vest before exiting the vehicle, and place a warning triangle to alert traffic 200 m from scene on autostradas, 100 m on priority
  2. roads and 50 m in city limits. 
  3. Call the Carabinieri (112) for assistance and fill out an accident report form (on next page).
  4. Obtain information from any witnesses. If possible, photograph damages and scene to assist your insurance agency. 
  5. Do not leave the scene until information is gathered. 
  6. U.S. military must report even minor accidents involving their registered vehicles to the military police within 24 hours. 
  7. Notify insurance agency within 24 hours.

 Major, injury accident

  1. Italian law requires that drivers assist the injured whether or not involved in the accident. 
  2. Put on a reflective vest before exiting vehicle, and place a warning triangle the correct distance away from the scene (see previous). 
  3. Assess the scene and vehicles for injuries or fatalities and help protect them from traffic; do not touch victims unless trying to save a life. 
  4. Call for help (113-Emergency Police, 118-Ambulance) on either your cell or an S.O.S. phone (located every 2 km on autostrada). 
  5. Obtain contact information from any witnesses.  
  6. Wait until police arrive; give your statement and provide further assistance. 
  7. If you are involved in the accident, contact military police immediately and ask for help. 
  8. Give your contact information, license and insurance information to the Italian police and the driver or occupant of any other vehicle involved in the accident. 
  9. The military police advise to refrain from making any statement, oral or written, to claimants or their agents regarding liability, accident cause or the possibility of claims approval. 
  10. As the driver of an accident that injures or kills another person, you may be taken into immediate custody by investigating police, regardless of the determination of fault. Contact your commander and the local legal office to protect your rights and to obtain legal representation. 

Traffic Accident Report List

  1. Non-injury accidents, call 112/Injury accidents, call 113, from any telephone.
  2. Call the military police  ASAP; file a report within 24 hours.
  3. Write down the date and location of the incident, as well as the address of the investigating police station and the name/telephone number of the responding police officer.
  4. Get information of other party involved in incident, including their name, telephone number, address, make/model of vehicle, license plate number, color of vehicle and the year it was made.
  5. Notate whether or not a person has been injured at the scene of the incident.
  6. Get the name, address and phone numbers of any witnesses.
For a form you can print out and keep with you in the car, check out the digital edition of our Road Guide to Italy.
*Quick Tip: Camera phones or disposable cameras should be used to record photos of the incident at the scene BEFORE moving any of the vehicles. Contact your insurance company or agent for further advice. 

Italian Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Carabinieri: 112
  • Polizia (Emergency Police Help): 113
  • Fire Department: 115
  • IAC Roadside Assistance: 116
  • Ambulance (Medical Emergency): 118
  • Aviano Emergency: 911 or 0434-30-8911 
  • Aviano Acute Care Clinic: 0434-30-5000
  • Aviano Pordenone Hospital: 0434-365-701
  • Gaeta Emergency: 911or 081-568-4911
  • Livorno (Camp Darby): 050-54-7510/7575
  • Livorno Hospital: 0586-223-111
  • Naples Ambulance: 911 or 081-568-4911
  • Naples Emergency Room: 081-811-6150
  • Naples Navy Hospital: 081-811-6000/6001
  • Pisa Hospital: 050-992-111 
  • Sigonella Security/Fire/Ambulance: 911 or 095-86-1911
  • Vicenza Clinic: 0444-61-9000

*Also, by calling (+39) 06491716 (0800-2000 daily), English-speaking operators can provide travel information for road/weather conditions, tolls, ferries, tourist itineraries, mileage distances and automotive roadside procedures.

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