Finding schools and child care in England

Finding schools and child care in England

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published: January 20, 2018

Finding the right schools and child care arrangements to fit your family's needs can be stressful enough in the States. Add in an OCONUS PCS to England, and you might be feeling even more overwhelmed. To help ease your frustration, we have compiled a list of Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) locations and Childcare Development Centers in the UK to help you in your search.

DODEA in England 

When you receive orders for England, you should contact the school where your child is currently enrolled to start making arrangements. 

Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) in England fall under the Isles District, an administrative region that covers the U.K. and several schools in continental Europe. If your children play sports, they will likely travel to mainland Europe at some point for matches. 

RAFs Lakenheath, Feltwell, Alconbury, Croughton and Menwith Hill have at least one school. RAF Mildenhall does not have any schools on base and relies on nearby RAFs Lakenheath and Feltwell for government schooling. 

If you are assigned to RAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall or Feltwell, where you live will determine what school your child attends. Contact school officials for more information about this. 

Isles District Office 

RAF Alconbury 

Alconbury Elementary School (K–5th) 

Alconbury Middle/High School (6th–12th) 

RAF Croughton 

Croughton Elementary School (K–6th) 

RAF Feltwell 

Feltwell Elementary School (K–5th) 

Lakenheath Middle School (6th-8th) 

RAF Lakenheath 

Lakenheath Elementary School (K-3rd) 

Liberty Intermediate School (4th-5th) 

Lakenheath High School (9th-12th) 

Children can also attend English schools. Check with your local school liaison officer for more information. 

Child Development Centers 

For single parents or for couples where both work, the availability of care at a Child Development Center (CDC) can be essential. CDCs offer childcare for kids who are too young for school, as well as before- and after-school care for older children. 

As one CDC representative put it, the CDCs are often completely booked, so try to register as soon as you receive your orders. Fill out a DD Form 2606 and contact the appropriate office for your new base. 

RAF Alconbury Child Development Center 

  • Serves RAFs Alconbury and Molesworth 
  • DSN: 314-268-3212
  • Commercial: 01480-84-3212 

RAF Croughton Child Development Center 

  • DSN: 314-236-8420
  • Commercial: 01280-70-8420 

RAF Lakenheath Child Development Centers 

East CDC 

  • DSN: 314-226-3285
  • Commercial: 01638-52-3285 

West CDC 

  • DSN: 314-226-5812
  • Commercial: 01638-52-5812 

RAF Menwith Hill Child Development Center 

  • DSN: 314-262-7890
  • Commercial: 01423-777-890 

RAF Mildenhall Child Development Center 

  • DSN: 314-238-2042
  • Commercial: 01638-54-2042 
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