Driving distracted in England

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Driving distracted in England

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published: April 27, 2016

There will be no drinking, eating or any other distraction (like applying makeup) done while behind the wheel. If you’re caught doing something that takes your attention off of the road, you will be cited and points will be assessed to your license.

Driving and using a hand-held cellphone is dangerous and illegal. Even using a hands-free device is discouraged because it still causes a distraction. If you are not in control of your vehicle while using a hands-free device, you can be cited and/or fined as you were using a hand-held device.

If you need to use your mobile while driving, find a safe place to park and talk. Be sure to turn your engine off, as it is illegal to use a hand-held device while your motor is running.

U.S. servicemembers, civilians and dependents stationed in the U.K. are forbidden to pass within 10 miles of RAF Mildenhall, Lakenheath or Feltwell — unless overtaking farm equipment traveling under 30 mph. Drivers who fail to abide by the “no passing” code will face possible revocation of their 3AF Form 435.

A1101 (between Bury St. Edmunds & Littleport)

A1065 (between Brandon & the five-ways roundabout)

C620 (also known as “Holywell Row,” connecting A1101 & B1112)

B1112 (between Methwold Hythe & Icklingham)

B1107 (between Brandon & Thetford)

Wangford Road (between A1065 & B1112)

Sedge Fen Road (connecting A1101 & B1112)

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