DODEA and other education programs at Aviano

DODEA and other education programs at Aviano

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published: April 19, 2016

Congratulations on your assignment to Aviano Air Base, Italy. While visiting Italy is a dream that many Americans strive to accomplish, moving and living here can be a completely different challenge. This article will help make your transition smoother and answer many of your questions and concerns regarding education opportunities and programs. 

Child and youth programs
DSN: 314-632-5199/5117; Commercial: 0434-30-5199/5117
DSN Fax: 314-632-5794; Commercial Fax: 0434-30-5794
Facebook: Aviano Youth Programs

Consider child care needs in advance of arrival in Italy. Aviano’s Child Development Center (CDC) has a few Right Start slots reserved for servicemembers who will need care for their children during their first week on base. It is recommended that you call 30 days in advance to reserve a slot for your child because they can fill quickly. Fax a copy of your PCS orders and an AF/DD Form 2606 from your current CDC to the Aviano CDC.

Aviano has two CDCs, one at Area F by the Exchange and another at Area 1 by the schools and hospital. Availability is determined by your prioritization. Priority begins with CDC employees, single and dual military families, single and dual military or command-sponsored DOD civil¬ians with spouses working or going to school full time, and last priority goes to families with unemployed spouses. Costs vary by total family income and are determined at registration for before- and after-school programs, as well as full-day or part-day programs. Hourly care is $3 per child per hour. If you’re in the Air Force, the AFRC can assist you with signing up for 20 hours of free child care through the CDC while you’re in processing.

Because Italian law prohibits Americans from working from home, Aviano has developed Co-op Care, a service maintained by volunteers that meets Air Force requirements. Child care is provided Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to noon at building 110 in Area 1. Instead of paying fees, parents volunteer to watch others’ children to earn hours toward other parents watching their children. Documentation and training are required. Contact the co-op coordinator at DSN: 314-632-5630, Commercial: 0434-30-5630 or

DODEA schools
Two Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) are located at Aviano, providing educational services for nearly 1,300 students. The elementary school encompasses kindergarten to fifth grade, and the combined middle/high school is for students in grades 6 to 12. The Department of Defense Educational Activity (DODEA) acknowledges the right of sponsors to home-school their dependents and does not encourage or discourage this choice. Certain educational and extracurricular activities at Aviano’s schools are available for home-schooled students. Contact the Aviano School Liaison Officer if you plan to home-school your children.

School Liaison Officer
DSN: 314- 632-5261; Commercial: 0434-30-5261

Elementary School
DSN: 314-632-5677; Commercial: 0434-30-5616

Middle/High School
DSN: 314-632-5877; Commercial: 0434-30-5877

Higher education
In cooperation with Central Texas College, University of Maryland University College, University of Oklahoma and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Aviano Education Center offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s programs through classroom and distance learning classes.

Aviano Education Center
DSN: 314-632-5330; Commercial: 0434-30-5330

Central Texas College
DSN: 314-632-5143; Commercial: 0434-30-5143

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
DSN: 314-632-5140; Commercial: 0434-30-5140

University of Maryland University College
DSN: 314-632-5365/51; Commercial: 0434-30-5365/5351

University of Oklahoma
DSN: 314-632-5977; Commercial: 0434-30-5977 

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