Create meaningful farewell cards

© Jolanta Jackson
© Jolanta Jackson
© Jolanta Jackson
© Jolanta Jackson

Create meaningful farewell cards

by: Jolanta Jackson | .
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published: July 25, 2016

Summer is military relocation season and some of your friends might be moving. It is always nice to receive a handmade card that is designed by you. Follow this tutorial, use some imagination and make a farewell card for your friends. The card is easy to make and doesn’t require any expensive or special supplies, only three simple steps.


• One sheet each of green and yellow paper (letter or A4 size)
• One sheet of blank card paper 5’’ by 7’’ folded
• Stars & Stripes newspaper (cut Europe’s weather map, page 20)
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Paper glue
• Five postmarked stamps cut from grandmother’s letters or postcards from a friend who likes to travel a lot

Step 1. Use the yellow paper sheet and cut a 4.5’’ by 6’’ rectangle. Cut a smaller 4’’ by 5.5’’ green rectangle. Glue the yellow rectangle on a blank card and a green one on top of the yellow one.

Step 2. Cut Europe’s weather map from Stars & Stripes newspaper and glue it on the green background.

Step 3. Arrange the stamps the way you like and glue them on the map. The card is done, write a nice message for your friend.

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