Buying and selling pre-owned vehicles in Germany

Buying and selling pre-owned vehicles in Germany

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published: March 28, 2017

Buying and selling a pre-owned vehicle takes a little more time and patience than what you may be used to in the States. Be sure to have all paperwork completed when you go to transfer the tile and register the vehicle.

Cars older than 10 years need inspection before sale. Cars newer than 10 years must have at least 60 days left on the registration at time of sale to retain the current inspection expiration date. 

Documents from seller

Request proof of ownership/registration, emission testing (if not covered in inspection), service and vehicle defect record, inspection pass guarantee (dealer), and Bill of Sale.

Auto registration

To transfer ownership and register the vehicle with temporary plates (or permanent plates if the vehicle is inspected), the buyer takes these documents to the Registry of Motor Vehicles on base: ID card and U.S. Forces Certificate of License; proof of insurance (name must match buyer on Bill of Sale and person registering car); Application for Motor Vehicle Registration and Allied Transactions (AE Form 190-1AA); and the completed Bill of Sale, signed by all of the registered owners and buyer.

U.S. specification vehicles must clear Customs (AE Form 550-175A). European specification vehicles must include their title books (Fahrzeugbrief) and a deregulation form (Abmeldebescheinigung).

A servicemember may sell a used vehicle to a local national or non-ID cardholders if he has owned the vehicle for at least six months. The vehicle must clear U.S. and German Customs before the sale is final. For more information, contact the Customs Field Office at Ramstein, 06371-47-3720, bldg. 305, Room 14. 

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