On-base facilities at Aviano

On-base facilities at Aviano

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published: April 19, 2016

31st Medical Group
Facebook: AFMS - Aviano - 31st Medical Group
Appointment Line DSN: 314-632-5000; Commercial: 0434-30-5000
Hours: 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
Family Health DSN: 314-632-5692; Commercial: 0434-30-5692
Dental DSN: 314-632-5060; Commercial: 0434- 30-5060

The 31st Medical Group and base services include Dental, Flight Medicine, Health and Wellness Center, Optometry, Public Health, Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Health, Immunizations, Allergy, Pediatrics, Women’s Health, PRP, EDIS, Radiology, Laboratory, PHA, Physical Therapy, Surgery, Pharmacy, Multi-Service Unit and Mental Health. For emergency help, dial 911 on base and 118 off base. The clinic does not provide emergency services. If care is required after hours, contact the Command Post at Commercial: 0434-30- 3100 or DSN: 314-632-3100 and request an inter¬preter to meet you at the nearest hospital, the Pordenone Hospital (Ospedale Civile) located at Via Montereale 24, Pordenone 33170.

American Forces Network - AFN
Facebook: AFN Aviano
AFN’s radio frequencies are 106.0 (The Eagle) or 107.0 (AFN Powernet).
Log on to AFN Europe or AFN Aviano to learn how to tune in to AFN in your American spec vehicle while living in Italy.

ATMs and euro exchange
Community Bank, Global Credit Union and an Italian bank, Friuladria Credit Agricole, provide ATMs at Aviano Air Base. You can withdraw U.S. dollars or euros from Community Bank or Global Credit Union ATMs. All three banks can exchange dollars for euros or vice versa, but a membership account may be required. Community Bank and Global Credit Union offer limited bill-pay services, and Friuladria Credit Agricole can assist with rent and other Italian bills. Most Italian salespersons require payment by debit/ credit card or banker’s check when making large purchases. This assists Italian authorities and businesses with tracking sales for tax purposes.

Base Exchange
The two Aviano Exchanges are comparable to those you’d find in the United States, with the exception of having a stock of 220-volt electronics and appliances. Due to shipment schedules and payday rushes, some items may be out of stock at times.
Area F’s Exchange is within walking distance of base lodging. This Exchange has clothes, electronics, toys and daily-use items. You’ll also find a food court with Taco Bell, Burger King, Anthony’s Pizza, Popeyes and Cinnabon. To the left of the Exchange are several shops, including the barber shop, salon, flower shop, car rental office, optical shop and dry cleaning service. Local Italian venders have kiosks in the center walkway. Before entering the main Exchange, there’s a communications store, where you can buy your home phone, Internet and cellphone services.

The Area 1 Exchange has furniture as well as a Subway, alterations shop, barber shop, Italian furniture store and military clothing sales.

Bowling Alley
DSN: 314-632-7487; Commercial: 0434-30-7487
Aviano Lanes Bowling Center is a great place to roll off some energy if you do not want to travel far from base for enjoyment. The bowling center is located at Area 1 next to the Exchange and has 12 lanes, a snack bar and pro shop. The center is home to Bubba’s BBQ and is next to Déjà Brew, a coffee shop that serves Starbucks coffee.

The commissary is located by the Area F Ex¬change, within walking distance of base lodging. The commissary provides fresh fruits and vegetables, convenience items, deli, bakery and salad bar. The store is open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. The commissary also has a mini store called the Grab ’N Go, which has more than 1,000 products, including produce, dairy and bakery items. Grab ’N Go is open Monday to Saturday 7-9 a.m. and Sunday 8-10 a.m.

Housing Office
Housing Management: DSN 314-632-2272; Commercial: 0434-30-2272
Unaccompanied Housing: DSN: 314-632-5237; Commercial: 0434-30-5237
Unaccompanied Housing is available on base for those who are E-1 to E-3 or E-4 with fewer than three years of enlistment. Other personnel are required to live off base. Housing information is provided at the Right Start briefing and can also be obtained at the Housing Office. Search for housing at www.avianohousing.com with username: anonymous_aviano and password: 31FW_Aviano.

Human Resources Office/Dependent Employment
As previously mentioned, Italian law prohibits Americans from working on the economy or from home, which prevents spouses from offering child care services, selling goods, providing beauty services, or running other in-home businesses. However, the base has an abundance of available volunteer positions that can benefit the base and surrounding community. Spouses can also apply for Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) jobs at www.nafjobs.org and Appropriated Fund (AF) positions at www.usajobs.gov. For positions with AAFES, visit http://odin.aafes.com/employment.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Facebook: 31st Force Support Squadron
The 31st Fighter Wing Force Support Squadron (31st FSS) has many responsibilities, to include providing morale, welfare and recreation to servicemembers, civilians and families stationed at Aviano. The 31st FSS is responsible for the Dragon Fitness Center, dining facilities, CDCs and youth programs, and other services.

Post Office
Facebook: Aviano Post Office
DSN: 314-632-4086; Commercial: 0434-30-4086
Remind your sponsor that you’ll need to have an Army Post Office (APO) box set up prior to your arrival. When you arrive, you’ll just need to sign a form and receive the combination.

Vet Clinic
DSN: 314-632-8485; Commercial: 0434-30-8485
Facebook: Aviano Veterinary Treatment Facility

The Aviano Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) is a fully functioning clinic, which is capable of providing vaccinations, general surgeries, lab tests, x-rays and other health services for your pet. In order to register at the base clinic, you’ll be required to microchip your pet, maintain all vaccinations, and complete monthly heartworm treatments and an annual heartworm test. Check with your vet clinic and visit www.petsonthego.com for details concerning pet travel. The clinic is located in building 1410 of Area F and is open Monday to Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. The clinic closes at noon on the last workday of the month and is closed on down days and holidays.

The base has a number of places where you can peruse the Internet with your laptop or other device. In Area 1, Internet is available at the library, bowling center and community center. Area F offers Internet at the golf course, La Bella Vista Club, and the AFRC. The library, community center and AFRC have computers for public use if you don’t have one of your own.

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