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Congratulations on your assignment to Aviano Air Base, Italy. While visiting Italy is a dream that many Americans strive to accomplish, moving and living here can be a completely different challenge. This article will make your transition smoother and answer many of your questions and concerns. 

Getting to base
Whether you arrive at Marco Polo International Airport in Venice on a commercial flight or take the Patriot Express to the Aviano Passenger Terminal (PAX terminal), you should be greeted by your sponsor or representative from your unit. In the rare case that your sponsor is unavailable, contact the Aviano Command Post at DSN: 314-632-3100 or Commercial: 0434-30-3100 and inform them of your arrival or ask to be connected to your unit's First Sargeant. If arriving at Marco Polo Airport, ensure that you have all luggage and belongings prior to exiting through the security gates. Once you exit, you may not re-enter.

Aviano Passenger Terminal
DSN: 314-632-7680; Commercial from Italy: 0434-30-7680; Commercial from US: 011-039- 0434-30-7680
Facebook: Aviano Passenger Terminal
Aviano Passenger Terminal passengers are allowed two checked bags, weighing no more than 70 pounds each. Car seats and strollers do not count toward your checked baggage. For the convenience of passengers, the PAX terminal has a fax machine, Wi-Fi, two ATMs, a charging station and phones available for use at the terminal.

Installation Newcomers Orientation (Jump Start or Right Start)
If you arrive on the rotator prior to 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to attend Jump Start in building 1413, room 136. Jump Start allows you to complete all the necessary paperwork to receive an Allied Forces in Italy (AFI) driver’s license and start house hunting prior to beginning your mandatory Right Start class. 

Right Start begins every Monday at 8 a.m. in the Airman & Family Readiness Center (AFRC), building 1431, and lasts an entire week. During this time you’ll receive briefs from safety, finance, the passport office, pass and registration, licensing, legal, the housing office and several other services. If you’re married, it’s recommended that you and your spouse attend the orientation. Your family members will be able to apply for new visas to replace the temporary visas which brought them to Italy, allowing them to stay the duration of your orders. You and your spouse can complete the paperwork needed to receive you AFI driver’s licenses, and you can begin the adventurous task of house hunting. Tours of the area are usually offered on Fridays, providing the opportunity to experience Italy with the assistance of a guide. These tours often include lunch at a local restaurant and an introduction to the train system.

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