5 free ways to learn German

by Addison O'Shea
Stripes Europe

Moving to a new country is scary, moving to a country where you don't speak the language is even scarier. The good news is, with today's technology and resources there are plenty of affordable ways to learn German. In no time at all, you'll be coming home a new bilingual you! 

1. Your on-post library

Take advantage of the resources on-post! Make a trip to your on-post library. Most USAEUR libraries have a section of language learning tools. Some even have programs like Rosetta Stone, all available to check out!

2. The Army Digital Library’s Mango Languages subscription

The Army Digital Library has a subscription to Mango Languages. Use this digital program to quickly enhance your German language and culture proficiency!

3. ACS

If your local Army Community Service (ACS) is offering a free basic German language course, sign up ASAP! These classes tend to go fast. ACS is a great starting point for a newbie looking to pick up some useful German words and phrases.

4. German conversation groups at your library

Time to return to the library! Many posts host a weekly German conversation social hour at the on-post library. One of the best ways to truly learn a new language is to practice in social settings.

5. DuoLingo app

Finally, two words: free app. Download DuoLingo on your smartphone or tablet to learn German (and other languages) on the go! 

Becoming multi-lingual has never been so easy or so free! Go, learn, sprich die sprache! Did I say that right?

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